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Want to know more about the [tooth processing] process?

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Gears and racks are commonly used in our transmission machinery. The manufacturing process and the production of other teeth are special. Next, we will take a look at the processing technology of the gear shaping! The gear shaping is a method of machining the inner and outer gears or racks by means of a pinion cutter.
1. The tooth profile accuracy of the pinion is higher than that of the hobbing. This is because the shaper cutter can be used to obtain a precise involute profile through the precision gear grinding machine.
2. The tooth surface roughness value after tooth insertion is smaller than the hobbing tooth. The reason is that the circumferential feed amount of the gear teeth is usually small, and the number of cutting edges of the envelope tooth surface is larger than that of the hobbing teeth during the tooth insertion process, so that the tooth surface roughness after the tooth insertion is small.
When cutting a gear with a large modulus, the gear insertion speed is restricted by the rigidity of the reciprocating inertia bed of the main shaft of the gear insert, and the cutting process has a loss of the idle time, so the productivity is lower than that of the hobbing.加工 When machining small gears with small modulus, gears, and narrow teeth, the pinion productivity will be higher than the hobbing.
I don't know what to say in the righteousness. Do you have any further understanding of the shaping of the gears? Presumably this should be inevitable!
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